Community Housing Aotearoa Annual Report 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

Welcome from Chief Executive- Scott Figenshow

Welcome to our 2017 annual report. This has been a great year and we want to thank you for your part in ensuring all New Zealanders are well-housed. We draw your attention to our new online format and you can download the reports as pdf’s from the bottom of each section.

Leading our representative body: a review from the Co-Chairs

As a sector we are making progress. We are growing both in numbers and in levels of service delivered to our most vulnerable households.

Our message is getting through. We can see a wider acceptance of the continuum approach and the recognition that affordable rental and pathways to homeownership are just as essential as a place to sleep tonight.

More providers are adding staff and adding homes – through a range of tools. Yet the demand is increasing faster than our ability to respond.

How do we make a step change? Over the course of the five Community Housing Aotearoa council meetings this year we’ve devoted half our time to the big picture, strategic issues facing our sector. Thought leadership is even more crucial during times of change. We are building a culture based on high trust and deep confidence to back ourselves.

Strategically, we have highlighted the importance of commencing conversations that activate capacity and capabilities within our membership group as a means to develop community housing provider collaborations. By doing so we feel that we can both support small and niche providers, while also enabling larger projects to be delivered within New Zealand.

The IMPACT Conference in June this year mandated bringing providers together to work collaboratively and set out a clear ‘how’ so we can achieve ‘all New Zealanders well-housed’.

Now that Our Place has set out this high-level vision the challenge for the incoming council will be to put a new strategic plan in place for what CHA should focus its talent and energy on. We’ve made first steps with establishing Community Housing Solutions Ltd as our key delivery arm for technical consulting services to individual members, local government, and consortia. We are not yet in a settled policy environment; we will all need to continue to be flexible and open to new approaches.

Thank you for your ongoing support for your sector peak body. We look forward to supporting you, our members, in your efforts to deliver emergency, social and affordable housing.

Alan Pollard & Julie Nelson
Community Housing Aotearoa

Some of the activities we’ve supported over the year

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Report from the Chief Executive: Building capacity and capability across the housing continuum

Endorsements 2017 image

Firstly, a huge thank you goes out across the sector for lifting the delivery of community housing, whether though Housing First, social housing, emergency housing, assisted rental or assisted ownership. While it’s positive that the policy and funding environment in the emergency and social end of the spectrum has begun to stabilise, the real work ahead is in making the affordable space work to offer longer-term housing stability.

Thanks to the hard work of the CHA Council, there is clarity of strategic vision for where we are headed. The refinement of Our Place over the past year is a prime example. It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of leaders who challenge me and our fantastic, dedicated staff to deliver.

We are proud to support the widely held view to activate the whole housing affordability continuum for all New Zealanders. Signs of our sectors growing clarity of direction are demonstrated by the 40 organisations endorsing Our Place, and membership growing to 92 full members and 21 partner members, an increase of 16 since last year. We are responding to a growing number of requests for service in ways that connect you to each other, and to solutions that help you deliver for your communities. We organise our delivery services across three key areas:

Engage strategy

Organising conversations with officials as well as Ministers, we provide avenues to share your views, building consensus for evidence-based solutions wherever possible. Through a variety of submissions and sector engagement opportunities we’ve provided feedback on many areas from methamphetamine standards to negotiating the RFP process on emergency housing and IRRS settings. At the strategic level we are pleased to be working with the Human Rights Commission on how a Homes Accord can foster a more stable environment for delivery of ‘adequate’ housing.

Support providers to grow supply

We are proud to support two new networks, one for Pacific Island community housing providers and another for Operations. We continue work with the Auckland Emergency Housing Network, Auckland Community Housing Provider Network, and Te Waipounamu Network. We support growth of common reporting and backbone service delivery approaches, such as being deployed through the Housing First Community of Practice. Working closely with many members, we highlight current research and sector developments. With the Australasian Housing Institute, we promote joint training seminars and programmes.

Measure outcomes

As a sector we have added 315 new homes, bringing the total homes delivered by registered community housing providers to 9,582 homes. The IMPACT Conference 2017 grew by a third from our 2015 conference, with over 300 people committed to the goal of Our Place to see all New Zealanders well-housed. Both the Ageing Well and Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenges are providing a solid evidence base of research, with CHA assisting to foster sector engagement.

This collection of activities provides practical support for the growth and development of providers as well as ensuring the homes delivered are affordable, habitable, accessible, culturally adequate, and with secure tenure. Taking a human rights-based approach means we are doing this for the benefit of our fellow New Zealanders, not just for the benefit of providers. I am proud to work with our dedicated team of professionals: Chris Glaudel as our Deputy Director, David Zussman, Marc Slade and Hope Simonsen as Senior Programme Managers, Angie Cairncross as Communications Coordinator, and Gunda Tente and Jordan Kendrick as Programme Assistants. As a team we’re always up for new learning and we welcome feedback on how we can improve our delivery for you and your community.

Scott Figenshow,
Chief Executive

Financial Statements and Treasurers report

Community Housing Aotearoa completed the 2016 - 2017 financial year in a sound financial position. The accompanying financial summary includes a Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Movements in Equity, and Statement of Financial Position for the fiscal years ending 30 June 2017 and 2016.

Our revenue remains strong with a mix of core peak body services funding from Government at $600,000 augmented by contracting revenues of $308,000 and membership contributions of $25,000. Overall operating revenue is $13,000 less than last year. We have now completed the second of the three-year agreement with Government. The contract management for the final year has moved from MBIE to MSD, to whom we will submit a new work programme proposal for continuing support for the three years commencing 1 July 2018.

Expenses increased significantly, with additional staffing accounting for over two-thirds of the $300,000 increase from the prior year. This additional staffing enables us to support additional member networks and engage on policy across more issues. The IMPACT Conference attendance increase demonstrated how that engagement with members and others is increasing the profile of our sector. Our overall administration expenses remain a small portion of our costs, and the increase from last year is mainly in depreciation. The investments we made last year in the equipment and technology required to deliver our services are now incurring a higher depreciation expense, which contributed to the net accrual loss of $12,176.

At first glance, this is a wide swing from last year’s net surplus of over $300,000. However, as reported last year most of that surplus resulted from investments in our wholly owned subsidiary New Zealand Community Housing Funding Ltd (NZCHF). We retain significant organisational knowledge and capacity to support a sector-led financial intermediary when market conditions are favourable.

To support CHA’s sustainability, the Council authorised re-purposing NZCHF as a technical assistance provider with the new name of Community Housing Solutions Ltd (CHS). CHS remains wholly-owned by CHA, with our CE as its sole director. Utilising a management services agreement with CHA, it will provide consulting services which align with CHA’s mission and values, but tailored to the needs of specific organisations or projects. All surpluses generated from these activities will be returned to CHA.

These financial statements also include our streamlined Statement of Service Performance, documenting our efforts to support sector growth across three areas: engage strategy, support providers to grow supply, and measure outcomes.

On behalf of the CHA Council we remain committed to deploying our resources for the growth of the community housing sector, moving towards all New Zealanders well-housed by 2030.

Kind regards

Carrie Mozena

Statement of Financial Performance 2017 2016
Grants 600,000 572,124
Interest 939 2,028
Other income 308,271 348,551
Membership Income 25,353 25,160
Total operating revenue 934,563 947,863
Admin Expenses 87,564 61,297
Delivery Expenses 242,320 188,316
People Expenses 616,855 394,536
Total operating expenses 946,739 644,149
Net surplus / deficit for the year -12,176 303,714
Statement of Movements in Equity 2017 2016
Net surplus / deficit for the year -12,176 303,714
Movements in equity for the year -12,176 303,714
Equity at the beginning of the year 379,451 75,737
Equity at the end of the year 367,275 379,451
Statement of Financial Position 2017 2016
Current assets 204,276 260,130
Non-current assets 307,256 331,204
Total assets 511,532 591,334
Current liabilities 144,257 211,883
Non-current liabilities
Total liabilities 144,257 211,883
Equity 367,257 379,451
Total liabilities and equity 511,532 591,334

Full and Partner Members as at June 30, 2017

Partner members

  • Abbeyfield NZ Inc
  • Accessible Properties Ltd
  • Aegis Projects Limited
  • Affinity Services
  • Alcohol & Drug Community Support Trust
  • Anglican Diocese of Wellington>
  • Aorangi Maori Trust Board
  • Aspire Community Support
  • Atamu Housing Trust
  • Auckland City Mission
  • Bays Community Housing Trust
  • Beacon Pathway Incorporated
  • Boffa Miskell Limited
  • Chintaro Housing Management Software (MDB Consulting)
  • Chow Hill Architects Ltd
  • Christchurch Methodist Central Mission
  • Christchurch City Council
  • Cobham Street Trust
  • Comcare Charitable Trust
  • Community Housing Trust
  • Compass Housing Services (New Zealand) Co Ltd/li>
  • Compassion Housing Ltd
  • Coromandel Independent Living Trust
  • CORT Community Housing
  • House
  • Downtown Community Ministry
  • Dunedin City Council
  • Dwell Housing Trust
  • EasyBuild Ltd
  • Emerge Aotearoa
  • Fatugatiti Housing Trust
  • Golden Bay Housing Trust
  • Habitat for Humanity Auckland
  • Habitat for Humanity New Zealand
  • He Korowai Trust
  • Homes of Choice Limited
  • Horizon Housing Company
  • Hornsby et al
  • Housing Action Network
  • Housing Plus Charitable Foundation
  • Hutt Valley Disabled Resources Trust
  • Anonymous member
  • Island Child Charitable Trust
  • Just Housing Otepoti Dunedin
  • Latimer Community Housing Trust
  • Lifewise Trust / Airedale Property Trust
  • LinkPeople Limited
  • Mahitahi Kāinga Trust
  • Manaia Health PHO
  • Manawatu Community Housing Trust
  • Marama Hou Ministries Trust
  • Marlborough Sustainable Housing Trust
  • Mercy Villas
  • Mike Greer Homes NZ Ltd
  • Modcom Portable Buildings Ltd
  • Monte Cecilia Housing Trust
  • Napier City Council
  • Navigator Limited
  • Nelson Tasman Housing Trust
  • New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness
  • New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services
  • New Zealand Housing Foundation
  • Ngā Hau E Whā National Marae
  • Ngā Maunga Whakahii ō Kaipara Development Trust
  • Ngā Pōtiki A Tamapahore Trust
  • Ngāti Kahungunu ki Pōneke Community Services Inc
  • Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei Whai Maia Limited
  • Ōtautahi Community Housing Trust
  • Papakainga Solutions
  • Pathway Charitable Group
  • Penina Health Trust
  • Percy Hamilton Home Trust Board
  • Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust
  • Presbyterian Support New Zealand
  • Presbyterian Support Southland
  • Project Strategy Ltd
  • Queenstown Lakes Community Housing Trust
  • Raukawa ki te Tonga AHC Ltd
  • Regenerative
  • Spencer Henshaw Ltd
  • Stepping Stone Trust
  • Strive Community Trust
  • Tāmaki Housing Association
  • Tauranga City Council
  • Tauranga Community Housing Trust
  • Te Hau Ora o Ngapuhi
  • Te Kāinga Oranga Trust
  • Te Rūnanga ō Ngāti Porou
  • Te Rūnanga ō Whāingaroa
  • Te Taiwhenua ō Heretaunga Trust
  • Te Tomika Trust
  • Te Tumu Kāinga (Te Tumu Paeroa)
  • Tenants Protection Association (Chch) Inc
  • The ASH Foundation
  • The Bishop's Action Foundation
  • The Porirua Whanau Centre Trust
  • The Property Group
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Selwyn Foundation (Haumaru Housing)
  • Trust House Limited
  • Tū Whare Ora Ltd
  • VisionWest Community Trust
  • Waiheke Hope Centre
  • Waiohiki Community Charitable Trust
  • Wellington City Council
  • Wellington Homeless Women's Trust
  • Wellington Night Shelter
  • Wellington Women's Boarding House
  • Wesley Community Action
  • Whangārei Accessible Housing Trust
  • Whatever It Takes Trust Inc.
  • Windows Trust