CHA Newsletter 17 February 2020

CHA Newsletter 17 February 2020, Government homelessness announcement, Visit by UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing, CHA submission on the draft Urban Development Bill, CHRA: Financial viability review, How to use Homestar and HomeFit in your work, Your Community Housing Networks, Come @ us!, IN THE NEWS, EVENTS, Housing hui for people with disabilities, their whānau and caregivers, The Australasian Housing Institute - Workshops 2020, Housing First Partners conference March 2020, Property Council conference March 2020, KĀINGA 2020 – the Auckland Māori Housing Summit, NZGBC Housing Summit May 2020, National Māori Housing Conference May 2020, AHI Housing First Finland study tour May 2020, LGNZ annual conference July 2020.

CHA Newsletter 17 February 2020.pdf


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