CHA Newsletter 3 March 2020

COVID-19 information, CHP contribution to addressing housing human rights crisis, Our members making a difference: Video case studies released, CORT opens affordable housing development, CEO and Housing Leaders Forum, Responding to the urgency of NZ's housing crisis for Māori with innovation and courage, Insurance for leased properties reminder, Sustaining Tenancies - Invitation to Partner, Your Community Housing Networks, Come @ us! IN THE NEWS, EVENTS, The Australasian Housing Institute - Workshops 2020, Housing First Partners conference March 2020, Property Council conference March 2020, KĀINGA 2020 – the Auckland Māori Housing Summit, NZGBC Housing Summit May 2020, National Māori Housing Conference May 2020, AHI Housing First Finland study tour May 2020, LGNZ annual conference July 2020, National Homelessness Conference 2020.

CHA Newsletter 3 March 2020.pdf


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