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Supporting community housing providers: best practice guide

Best Practice Guide

Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA) developed a Best Practice Guide containing a set of standards for community housing organisations in 2007. These were closely based on the Australian National Community Housing Standards Manual, but made relevant to a New Zealand context. At that time the community housing sector in New Zealand was still very small and had very little recognition or support from central Government.

The purpose of the standards were to:

  • support sector development
  • build organisational capacity
  • support and encourage continuous quality improvement
  • assist in strategic and business planning
  • provide a tool for organisations to benchmark their current practices against external best practice standards
  • set a standard for New Zealand best practices in the community housing sector.

Given the changed policy environment in which community housing providers have operate in since 2011 the standards have been updated. The introduction of the Community Housing Regulatory Authority (CHRA), contracting with the Ministry of Social Development, and the increasing diversity of New Zealand's community housing sector, the standards contributed to this update.

The following is a copy of CHA's 2018 Best Practice Standards. They are no longer set against an accreditation scheme but have been updated to sit alongside criteria set out by CHRA to achieve registration as a class 1 social landlord so are still a very useful resource.

The document is still to be enhanced to include a resource section that providers use as guidance for building organisational capacity.

For more resources on community housing organisational development go into our resources page here.

Information on community housing and tax status is here:

FINAL -Charitable organisations and community housing- Nov 2015 IRD.pdf