AHI Seminar: Business Continuity and Disaster Planning for Housing Providers

Jul 17, 2014 | Events

The seminar will focus on learning from housing providers and industry professionals who have been responsible for enacting business continuity and disaster plans and are actively involved in disaster recovery.

Program highlights:

  • Canterbury Recovery. Presented by representatives of Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Housing New Zealand Corporation, Christchurch City Council and Comcare Trust
  • Learning from the Queensland Flood experiences
  • Improving Disaster Management Practice
  • Developing a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Project – Western Australian perspective
  • Improving household resilience. Business continuity in Wellington City Council
  • Tenant Perspective. A group of Christchurch tenants share experience of disaster from their point of view
  • Networking Dinner with special guest: Andy Lester, Chief Operating Officer, Christchurch International Airport

on day 2, there is a Christchurch Housing Site Tour: visit some of the new housing stock being constructed by Christchurch City Council and Housing New Zealand.

Full details here

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