PrefabNZ’s six success factors to meet… No! Surpass KiwiBuild goals

May 16, 2018 | Uncategorised

Call it our manifesto, action plan or success factors, here are our six key points we believe KiwiBuild must incorporate to achieve or surpass its goals – yes, we think that is possible:

  1. A design-led quality focus – above NZ Building Code minimum standards for warm, healthy, sustainable homes
  2. A multi-year procurement programme at scale and at pace – enabling businesses to invest in their offsite manufacturing methods
  3. A streamlined building consent regulatory process – clarified by using the Reliance Model
  4. A consistent bank finance approach that enables direct lending to clients of offsite projects – coupled with 10-year work guarantees
  5. An integrated industry network that enables our SME-dominant construction industry to transform for the long-term
  6. A prototyping approach where quality, affordable homes are tested, tweaked and re-tested – so only the best are recreated at scale and these are showcased through a permanent show village

These six points make up PrefabNZ’s advocacy programme, where we are providing advice and information to enable them. They are part of the solution, providing a range of alternative approaches to unbundle the financing required for land, infrastructure and planning.

Read the story on PrefabNZ’s website here.

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