​Ministry of Social Development building its new team

Jul 27, 2017 | News

Have a look at the open positions here.

There are three components to the new structure.

Hayley Hamilton, GM Strategic Management and Planning, is leading the forward-looking work across government’s social housing reform programme, including change management, strategic purchasing framework and stakeholder engagement. National Managers are currently under recruitment, and its great to see Tim Garlic come across here as Principal Advisor (most recently at Minister Adams office).

Andrew Plant, GM Strategic Purchasing is responsible for all new supply of places and services. This includes a group of National Managers: Andrew Barker leading the new supply work many of you know in Auckland, but now working across NZ with an additional team of people. Sarah Sinclair is leading the tactical purchasing (new initiatives) including housing first, sustaining tenancies, and emergency housing purchasing. Jo Murray leading the Transfers workstream and is who we’ll be working with on the upcoming next generation contracts. Purchasing and Performance is led by Will Barns, and Principal Advisor Elena Lo.

The third group is led by Kaye Cunningham, DCE Office, which includes the communcations, National Manger and Principal Advisor roles supporting the overall operations of the team.

As we look forward to the strategic workforce needs across the community housing sector, it would be great to see more cross-pollination of people between the NGO, local government, central government and private sectors.

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