A Stocktake of New Zealand’s Housing

Feb 12, 2018 | Reports

I commissioned independent experts to report on the state of housing in New Zealand to provide an additional important contribution that will help inform Government policy decisions.

This report assesses the key parts of our housing system; examining market renting, homeownership, new housing, State and public housing, housing assistance, homelessness and emergency housing, security of tenure and the social costs and benefits of housing quality.

We must acknowledge the harsh effects the housing crisis has had on Māori and Pasifika. They have borne the brunt of rapidly rising house prices and skyrocketing rents. A crucial part of Government policy must help more Māori and Pasifika into their own homes, and there are great opportunities to partner with Māori organisations to do this.

All New Zealanders deserve to have a secure and healthy home. That is the foundation which allows us all to build happy and successful lives.

The Government is committed to fixing New Zealand’s housing crisis and we will need your help.

It is time to take bold action to stop the stress and disruption the housing crisis is causing our people, and especially our kids and increasingly our elderly.

I encourage you to read the report A Stocktake Of New Zealand’s Housing.pdf and add your feedback.

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