Building a model for alternative procurement

Jul 20, 2016 | Reports

This is a two-stage project. The first stage report: ‘Structuring Options’ is available here:

CHA Structuring Options (FINAL).pdf

The survey of the seven organisations on the CHA Council were thought to represent a range of providers due to being: small or large, urban or regional, rental or ownership.

A key conclusion is that the majority of community housing providers surveyed were not interested in the transactions currently on offer and that participating in risky transactions with uncertain financial outcomes was not considered appealing.

Do you agree with this conclusion? Can you please indicate what direction your support is in the discussion below.

We’d also like to hear your feedback on the themes on pages 8-10.

Stage two of the Deloitte work involves outlining what an alternative approach could look like while complying with government rules of sourcing. Initial thoughts is that it would seek recognition of the CHRA registration as a panel of suppliers and set out how that could work in practical terms. We are currently scoping this work and it is outlined on Page 12 of the report.

We look forward to your feedback to help us in our engagement with Government to find workable solutions.

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