CRESA has been undertaking social research and evaluation for over two decades. Our research focuses on encouraging community development and sustainable communities. We are currently leading projects under two national science challenge programmes: Life When Renting: Enabling Older People’s Independence in the Tenure Revolution.
Current New Zealand research around housing and older people focuses on older owner occupiers. This four-year research is part of the Ageing Well National Science Challenge and aims to provide a robust evidential basis for promoting ageing well and ageing in-place in a rental reliant future by exploring the experience of, and issues facing, older renters in New Zealand: Getting Decisions for Homes and Cities That Work. Part of the Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities National Science Challenge, this research focuses on understanding and changing the way different actors in the building and housing sphere relate to one another to help us get better homes, towns and cities.

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The CHA Constitution sets out two categories of members – Full and Partner  these are defined below:

Full Membership

These are Iwi, Maori and Pacific Island and Community or voluntary housing organisations and groups which are either:

a) Providers of Community housing, or

b) Groups intending or seeking to become providers of Community- housing, or

c) Groups of residents/tenants of community housing, or

d) Groups which advocate for Community housing or residents of Community housing as part of their work.

The annual fee for Full Members is based on your organisation’s gross income:

1. Up to $1m, the fee is $500 +GST

2. From $1m to $5m the fee is $1,000 +GST

3. $5m and over the fee is $1,500 +GST per annum.

Partner Membership

These are individuals, local authorities, private development companies, and other private and public entities which invest, operate, own or develop affordable, Community and/or Social housing.

If you have a question about which category of membership you should apply for, please contact us to discuss.

The annual fee for Partner Member is fixed at $250 + GST per annum.

The membership year is from 1 Jan – 30 Dec.