City Mission opens emergency housing for families

Dec 7, 2015 | News

The Family Emergency Accommodation Project – a collaboration between the City Mission, Christchurch City Council and the Government – is aimed at helping high-priority families transition from temporary to more permanent homes.

Michael Gorman, Christchurch City Missioner, says the project has provided the Mission, and the Christchurch families it cares for, with much-needed resources.

“Increasingly, the City Mission is working with people who may be employed, but who are on low incomes with little job security. They are often struggling to make the shift from temporary to more permanent housing in Christchurch, particularly since the earthquakes.

“The Family Emergency Accommodation Project will provide support through short-term accommodation, as well as social and life-skills support where needed. This will be aided significantly by our strong partnerships with the Council, the Government and other Canterbury housing providers,” he says.

The City Mission’s old building on Hereford Street – located just across the road from its current premises – has been renovated to provide one three-bedroom unit and two two-bedroom units for the project.

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