Health and Safety Reform Bill

May 6, 2014 | Submissions

CHA acknowledges that the purpose of this Bill is to ensure that New Zealand significantly improves work place health and safety conditions through a set of world class standards of protection for its citizens. CHA has concerns that the language of the Bill goes too far and the provisions of the Bill will be overly punitive. If the Bill is implemented in its present form, it will mark a significant movement towards a litigious society with a presumption of guilty unless proven innocent, and may result in significant barriers for charitable organisations in recruiting and retaining talented staff and directors.

The deadline for submissions is 9 May 2014.

Read the Consultation document

Read Working Safer A Blueprint for Health and Safety at Work

Read Habitat for Humanity (Auckland) submission

More about the Bill

CHA is aware of the issues and will be making a submission. We encourage you to contact us with your concerns or questions about the Bill.

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