Healthy Homes Standards welcomed

Feb 25, 2019 | News

Not-for-profit Community Housing Providers have been reinvesting surpluses into maintaining their stock of affordable homes. “The new standards simply bring the rest of the rental stock up to the standard that our sector has been working towards,” says CHA CEO Scott Figenshow.

“There will likely be a limited number of affordable rental homes where retrofits will be required – largely around the requirement for a ventilation fan in the bathroom, which is achievable within the timeframes.”

The not-for-profit community housing sector retains rental housing for the public good and provides innovative tenure and ownership solutions, meeting diverse family needs. We are committed to providing healthy homes in thriving communities. Funds are retained and re-invested in building more affordable homes.

The Healthy Homes Standards are one part of a well-functioning housing system that involves the public, private and community sectors.

We believe the Government is trying to develop a functioning housing system that works for all. Community Housing Providers are committed to supporting those efforts that align with our vision of all New Zealanders well-housed.

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