Is pre-fabrication the answer?

Nov 16, 2017 | News


Andrew Booker, Housing NZ general manager of business innovation and development, expects prefabrication and off-site manufacturing to be over 50 per cent of the houses built in the next two to three years.

In this Stuff article Pamela Bell of Prefab NZ and John Tookey, AUT, say the issue of developing more prefabricated housing in New Zealand is one of scale. There are Kiwi companies ready to go big to deliver on the promise of the new technology, but there are not enough incentives to do so.

Mike Fox, In this article here, says that New Zealand’s own prefab housing industry is ready to scale up to meet demand.

Mike Fox November 7.pdf

Interested in this topic? Here’s some more information from Prefab NZ about why explore prefab options:

Why Prefab A4 web.pdf

Or you might like to attend this webinar:

NZIA GIB Webinar: Prefab in Sweden

You are invited to join the NZIA GIB Webinar: Prefab in Sweden

Tue, 28 November 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Pamela Bell, CEO of PrefabNZ, will provide an overview of offsite construction past, present and future – both onshore and offshore, with a focus on her recent trip to Sweden.
While in Sweden, Pamela obtained an update on the state of building high-quality wood medium-density housing constructed offsite, visiting Lindbäcks, a 90-year-old company which is truly taking modular construction to new heights.Lindbäcks creates beautiful homes at a rate of twenty units per week….

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