Member Profile: Airedale Property Trust

Aug 12, 2014 | Member profiles

Airedale Property Trust is in essence a social enterprise turning the profits generated through its property and consultancy work into social outcomes by partly funding the work of its sister trust Lifewise, an Auckland based social development agency, which supports people and families to improve their future, not just meeting immediate needs

With a shared vision for connected, just, and inclusive communities, Airedale and Lifewise work together on multi-disciplinary projects such as social housing developments, early childhood education centres and the provision of ‘backroom’ support services to a broad range of other organisations and projects.

Recently Airedale Property Trust worked in partnership with Lotofale’ia, part of the Methodist Church of New Zealand and the Government to complete 22 houses for stage 1 of the Mantanikolo housing project in Mangere, South Auckland.

More information about the Mantanikolo housing project can be found in this article – Mantanikolo…a place to call home, published in the April edition of HousingWORKS and on their website

To find out more about Lifewise visit their website

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