May 9, 2016 | News

Government have announced it will fund , at any one time, 800 emergency housing places around the country- about 3000 emergency housing places across the country each year for the next four years.

The Government will provide $41.1 million over the next four years in Budget 2016 for emergency housing and grants.

“Emergency housing provides an essential safety net for people in crisis, and is an opportunity to intervene and support families with complex needs,” Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett says.

“Our Government made a commitment to provide better access to emergency housing for our most vulnerable citizens. Emergency housing providers told us accessing funding to provide these places was difficult so now, for the first time, emergency housing will have ongoing, dedicated funding,” Mrs Bennett says.

The bulk of the $41.1 million of new operating funding will be used in two ways:

  • The Ministry of Social Development will contract NGOs to provide about 3000 emergency housing places each year.
  • A new emergency housing Special Needs Grant to support individuals and families with the cost of emergency housing for up to seven days if they are unable to access a contracted place.

The Minister says the new places will be available to anyone who can demonstrate they have a genuine need for emergency housing. Read CHA’s pressrelease here.

CHA talked to media at:Stuff, NZ Herald, NewsHub,TV1and Newstalk ZB.

The first contracts with providers are expected to be in place by September.

Read more here.The cabinet paper is here.

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