New research on positive outcomes in affordable housing

Apr 12, 2017 | Research

These reports, along with a summary reports (bulletin and synthesis), are attached here:

·HF Research Bulletin April 2017.pdf – an over view of all three studies – Housing Foundation (HF)

·Social and Economic Impacts of Housing Tenure FCSPRU.pdf – Family Centre Social Policy Research Unit (FCSPRU)

·BERL on Social renting to housing independence.pdf – Business and Economic Research Limited (BERL)

·Synthesis Summary FCSPRU and BERL Reports.pdf of the two studies above by FCSPRU and BERL

·LIFE AT WAIMAHIA – Final.pdf – Nexus Research

HF is a Charitable Trust established in 2003. Its mission is to relieve poverty by helping low income households achieve their aspiration of living independently and sustainably in a stable and secure housing environment. HF provides programmes that offer households the opportunity to ‘pathway’ towards home ownership – Affordable Rental and Affordable Equity (shared equity). More information can be found at

To our knowledge, this is the first time that this research has been done in New Zealand. The FCSPRU report looked at 120 international studies and shows that there are statistically significant benefits to home ownership in health, employment, crime, welfare, economic and education outcomes. The BERL report shows some fiscal benefits of transitioning New Zealand renters into affordable home ownership. The third report by Nexus Research is the most recent in a series of studies conducted in communities that have been assisted by NZHF. This study, based in the Waimahia Inlet community, found that residents’ quality of life has improved dramatically as a result of moving from their previous circumstances.

The Government has recently talked about social investment and NZHF believe that there is a good case for investment in affordable housing. They also believe there is a growing case for private investment into the affordable housing space and for significant policy improvements to occur at both national and local levels. The Housing Foundation believe there is a better way of doing things in the affordable housing space to get the system working and get pathways working, at scale, along the continuum.

Read the CHA press release in support of the research:

Media release NZHF research release 12 April 2017.pdf

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