Ōtautahi and Affordable Housing: Need, Demand & Pathways to Making a Difference

Jun 27, 2022 | Research

Ian Mitchell (Livingston and Associates), Kay Saville-Smith (CRESA), and Bev James (Public Policy & Research) recently released their study into the need, demand, and opportunities for the delivery of Affordable Housing options in Ōtautahi.

“Many of the household characteristics associated with housing stress and precarity in Urban Christchurch are likely to increase in the period up to 2038 with likely increases in the number and proportion of households dependent on the private rental market. There are expanding numbers and proportions of households with low and modest incomes, particularly with limited potential to increase household incomes including senior households and one parent, one person and couple only households. Some rental households whose affordable housing and other housing needs are not met by the private sector have found housing support. There remains in excess of 20,000 renter households with unmet housing need in Urban Christchurch.

There are substantial numbers of renter households with annual incomes less than $100,000 that could enter into some intermediary tenure in right price pointed dwellings. Some households have resources that could be utilised to provide for better housing solutions for themselves, but also take pressure off the rental market and relieve temporary housing supply and homelessness. Intermediate tenures provide opportunities to leverage those resources.”

Read the Full Report Here: FINAL Housing Needs and Demand Christchurch City Report 31 january 2021 (002)

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