PSA Ten Perspectives on Housing

Aug 22, 2017 | News

Authors include Alan Johnson (Salvation Army), Philippa Howden-Chapman (University of Otago), Jess Berenston-Shaw (Morgan Foundation) and David Rutherford (Human Rights Commissioner).

Some recurrent themes emerge during the booklet’s ten chapters – the centrality of affordable, secure, quality housing to the health and well being of communities, and the need to think very differently about housing provision in the future. Several authors argue that the private market will not provide affordable housing of the type and volume that New Zealand needs, and that government needs to step in to fulfil this function. You can find it online here.

OVERVIEW: Foreword by Glenn Barclay & Erin Polaczuk, PSA national secretaries

  1. Housing and Health by Philippa Howden-Chapman
  2. Affordability – where next? by John Tookey
  3. Innovating our way out of New Zealand’s housing disaster by Jess Berentson-Shaw
  4. The soft privatisation of state housing by Alan Johnson
  5. Beyond the quarter acre section by Bill McKay
  6. Luck and love: housing and disability by Esther Woodbury
  7. No country for young men or women Andrew Coleman
  8. The forgotten 50% by Robert Whitaker
  9. Case Study: Māori Housing Movements by Jade Kake, edited by Victoria Crockford
  10. Local Government and the housing crisis by Shamubeel Eaqub
  11. The Human Right to Adequate Housing by David Rutherford

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