Seeking feedback on ‘Our Place’ – a plan to house 50,000 more people

Sep 10, 2015 | Submissions

What do you think of this goal? Can we achieve it and what will it take to get there? What do you think ‘success’ looks like for our sector over the next five years to 2020?

The strategy is a draft document and needs your input, suggestions and support.Paul Barber of NZCCSS (New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services) is working with CHA to get feedback on the ‘Our Place’ document.

Here is the link to ‘Our Place’.

We would be especially keen to receive endorsements from your board on the goal, vision and objectives as found on this page.

Paul will be meeting with individual groups and networks around the country to hear what you think. Contact Paul Barber on [email protected] if you would like to set up a meeting.

There will also be an opportunity to provide your feedback at the CHA IMPACT-2015 Conference in October.Feedback from your organisation can be made directly on this form, or you can wait and answer our survey to be sent out soon.

We plan to spend the next few months gathering feedback and we will finalise the strategy in early 2016.This strategy will be key to setting the community housing agenda to carry New Zealand toward our goal of providing homes for 50,000 more people by 2020 – so please join the conversation.

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