Spotlight on the hidden homeless

Oct 9, 2015 | News

This week comprises a series of events, activities and competitions with the aim of raising the profile of housing and homelessness as important issues for New Zealand society. It kicks off on Monday morning 5 October at 8am with a Tent City and Sausage Sizzle in central Henderson opposite the District Court. Full details of events are available on the Housing Call to Action Facebook page.

The hidden homeless are those people living in cars, in garages, sleep-outs, couch surfing or in overcrowded homes, often with several families sharing a dwelling. Recent census data suggest there could be up to 20,000 people living in these conditions currently in Auckland.
• About half of homeless adults are in employment or studying;
• Most homeless people in New Zealand are under the age of 25;
• Auckland has about half of those waiting for Social Housing;
• There are at least 20,000 severely housing deprived people in Auckland;
• People living in overcrowded and/or substandard housing have a high rate of hospital admissions and primary health related issues.

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