The Nation – is the government doing enough on housing?

Jun 23, 2017 | News

Consultant Peter Fa’afiu has challenged Pacific church leaders to contribute some of the money they bring in from tithes to NGOs working with the homeless, or allow some of the church’s assets to be used to help solve the problem.

Major Campbell Roberts from the Salvation Army says the government has “absolutely not” done enough to deal with the housing and homelessness problem. He says Auckland needs another 500 social houses a year, and another 15,000 affordable houses, costing under $500,000.

Hurimoana Dennis, chair of Te Puea Marae says the homelessness problem is worse than a year ago, and could get still worse. He says the marae may have to open its doors again this winter, but he doesn’t want to ask people to volunteer when there are agencies out there getting paid to do that work and not doing it well.

Lisa Owen talks to Te Puea Marae chair Hurimoana Dennis, the Salvation Army’s Major Campbell Roberts, and Peter Fa’afiu from Navigator Ltd. Watch the full video here.

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