Transaction Unit market sounding process

Oct 9, 2015 | Submissions

The feedback suggests substantial further work is required in order to ensure that stock transfers deliver on the aims expressed for the transfers, in particular their potential for better outcomes for families, communities and taxpayers.

CHA has discussed its submission with government officials. We are pleased to confirm an interactive session between these officials and the sector on the issues raised during the Market Sounding in the context of the Government’s social housing policy.

The session will be on Thursday 22 October during the CHA IMPACT conference.

Many of the sector’s comments about the market sounding are on topics that are wider than the stock transfer programme – in particular the delivery of housing solutions across the full housing continuum. We have said that stock transfers should create scope and incentives for participants to increase the supply of social housing to serve those in greatest need, while also stimulating the supply of affordable housing. We have asked for a good faith discussion that can result in a much better framework for stock transfers and avoids locking in the problems of the New Zealand’s current social housing system – and that request has been granted. Thank you to our members for your engagement to date. Please read our submission here.

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