​It’s renters versus the rest

Jul 21, 2016 | Research

The survey of 1450 respondents, conducted by research company Buzz Channel, is the third undertaken by HRV to gain an insight into issues facing New Zealanders in their homes.Charles Crothers, Professor of Sociology at AUT, says a major issue highlighted in the survey is the problem of damp mouldy accommodation being widespread – with a third of Kiwis suffering from cold, hard-to-heat, and/or draughty houses.

However, he says, it is tenants and families living in sub-standard rental accommodation who are worse off.
“It’s well known that New Zealand homes aren’t especially good at helping us to stay warm and dry but we now find ourselves in a renters-versus-the rest situation. Those who are renting are more likely to suffer a lot with a quarter suffering from a cold home and 20% living in houses that are difficult to heat.”

The effects of sub-standard housing can be major, says Professor Crothers, with one in five moving out of a house because of factors such as dampness or mould.

“For renters that statistic is even higher with almost a third moving out of a home because it was damp, cold or mouldy – or all of those things.”

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