Homeless youths in Auckland “the tip of the iceberg”

Jan 18, 2016 | News

“Sadly more and more young New Zealanders face the reality of homelessness everyday says Dr Shiloh Groot Co-Chair of the NZCEH.

“The homeless population has continued to increase every year and these young people are just another example of it.

“Homelessness will continue to grow in New Zealand until there is action taken to understand how many people are without a home and a plan is in place to address it.” says Dr Groot.

‘Most cities in New Zealand have issues with homelessness and this won’t change until the government admits there is a problem and acts accordingly to address it, says Corie Haddock, Co-Chair NZCEH

‘First and foremost we need an inquiry into homelessness, this will show how big the problem is and enable the appropriate support and services to be developed to address it. We can end homelessness in New Zealand, but we need to start now.’

See the TVNZ report on the Auckland teens living in the bush.

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