Lisa Owen interviews Auckland Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse

Apr 13, 2015 | News

“So that we’ve got the levers that Government has around population, around growth and around helping out with some financing of infrastructure, which again will unlock the ability for us to develop other areas”

Says REINZ figures showing only 9% of new build consents in Auckland last year are for so-called affordable houses under $500,000 isn’t enough

“In Auckland, it means that housing and owning a house is not a future that every Aucklander can expect to be part of.”

Says the Housing Accord has helped get rid of red tape but hasn’t solved how to get houses actually built.

Hulse says “over the last four years, we’ve absorbed a city the size of Tauranga in the Auckland region, and that’s creating the problem” yet also says that’s driving an economic boom

Read the full interview here.

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