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​​​​​Drawing the line – how many state houses do we need?

Alan Johnson, Social Policy Director at The Salvation Army in NZ, presented at an Australasian Housing Insititute event in Auckland on Thursday 21st July. Alan's presentation provided a critique of the Government’s stance that the overall numbers of state housing should reduce to 60,000 by 2017. He argued that the provision of state housing should be based on the type and extent of need and a clear understanding of the interventions required to address this need.

​It’s renters versus the rest

The latest HRV State of Home Survey has found mould is prevalent in almost half of New Zealand’s rental homes and renters take more sick days than the national average. Some landlords are refusing to address tenants concerns about the cold, damp and mouldy state of their homes with 56% of property owners doing nothing when contacted about housing issues by tenants.

New Zealand housing and the United Nations sustainable development goals

The United Nations has identified 17 global goals for sustainable development to achieve transformational change throughout the world by 2030. These goals include ending poverty and hunger and the things we would want to see in a fair and equitable world. They also include 169 targets. So how does this affect New Zealand’s community housing sector?

Building a model for alternative procurement

CHA asked Deloitte to assist with setting out an alternative model for community housing provider involvement in stock transfers that delivers on several fronts:​​ a local response to delivery; improved tenant choice across the housing continuum; increases supply of both social and affordable housing; and is phased to support provider growth and builds capacity. We need member feedback on this please.

AA home insurance survey has some interesting findings

In a recent AA Insurance Home Survey, which interviewed 500 landlords throughout New Zealand, almost 90% were concerned that tenants might damage their investment property. This was followed by the possibility of missing rent payments (88%) and then contamination of the property by consumption or production of illegal drugs (87%). Yet over the past 12 months to 31 May 2016, the most common type of landlord claim is for accidental loss or damage to property (25%) for such things as a hole in the wall or stain on the carpet, not for intentional damage. The average cost for insurance claims from landlords is $3,000.

House price index show a surge in investor activity

The latest monthly QV House Price Index shows that nationwide residential property values for June have increased 13.5% over the past year. Values rose by 5.6% over the past three months and are now 42.6% above the previous market peak of late 2007. When adjusted for inflation the nationwide annual increase drops slightly to 13.0% and values are now 21.6% above the 2007 peak. The average value nationwide is now $590,909. The Auckland market has increased 16.1% year on year and 4.7% over the past three months. Values there are now 78.4% higher than the previous peak of 2007. When adjusted for inflation values rose 15.6% over the past year and are 52.1% above the 2007 peak. The average value in the Auckland region is now $975,087.

NZCCSS vulnerability report 2009-2016

For the last six years the NZCCSS Vulnerability Report has tracked the experiences of the families affected by the impacts of the global financial crisis and the organisations that work alongside them. "A ‘new normal’ of desperation to find housing, food and sufficient income to survive has emerged for many families”, says Trevor McGlinchey New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) Executive Officer. “The members’ reports clearly demonstrate the huge complexity of client needs and the ever-increasing demand for social services”.

Cost tower: Construction costs of social and affordable houses, Auckland 2015

Can you build an affordable house in Auckland? Media debate suggests that rising construction and land costs, together with the costs of meeting planning regulations, are making this extremely difficult. The debate, however, largely rests on either anecdotal evidence or modelled data. No-one has taken a good look at the actual costs of constructing affordable housing. Beacon and NZIER have set out to provide a firm empirical basis for understanding the costs of delivering affordable new builds. Focusing only on Auckland (the plan is to extend this work to other areas in time), they gathered cost data from five builders / developers, covering 69 affordable and social homes built in 2015.

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People in rental housing more likely to report housing problems

Just under half of renters reported they had a problem with dampness or mould, compared with around one-quarter of home-owners. New analysis from the 2014 General Social Survey (GSS) shows that while only 7.1 percent of New Zealand adults felt their home needed urgent...

Housing affordability report released by Massey

Over the period from June 2015 to August 2015, home affordability nationwide improved by 2.3%. Massey University senior property lecturer Dr Susan Flint-Hartle said this improvement has taken place in every region, apart from Nelson/Marlborough. Massey University Home...

The impact of demand-side housing subsidies on the housing market

This report was produced by AHURI for the Ministry of Social Development. It seeks to identify the extent that housing allowances are ‘captured’ by landlords through rising rents versus improving the material living standards of subsidy recipients. It looks at the...


Renting in New Zealand: perspectives from tenant advocates

This article presents key themes generated from semi-structured interviews with tenant advocates. Tenants are confronted with issues of poor housing quality, insecure housing, high rents relative to income, lack of autonomy and difficulty asserting their legislative...

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